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Choose Your Ideal Subscription Plan: Select the subscription plan that suits your medical practice. We offer various plans tailored to meet your unique requirements and budget.

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The better way to manage your chambers, prescriptions, appointments & patients

Using OnlyMed account you can easily manage chamber wise prescriptions, patients, appointments and many more features.

Online Consultation

Using Zoom online colsultation patients can make a live video meeting with the experts and get treatment & advices from them. Also health professionals can set a fees for the online consultation and receive payments from patients using paypal and stripe

Feature Image
Feature Image

Online Appointment Booking

Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling: With OnlyMed, patients can effortlessly book appointments online or in-person with their preferred experts at specific dates and times. Our intuitive system allows health professionals to manage all bookings efficiently from their portals, while patients can easily track appointment statuses through their dedicated patient portal. Experience streamlined appointment management for enhanced patient care.

Advanced & Super-Easy Prescription System

Virtual Healthcare Consultations: Experience convenient virtual healthcare with OnlyMed’s Zoom-powered online consultations. Connect with expert health professionals through live video meetings and receive personalized treatments and advice. Health Professionals can set consultation fees, and patients can make secure payments via PayPal and Stripe, ensuring a seamless and safe healthcare experience.

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